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  Google Workspace Add-ons

Wouldn't it be amazing if Zzapps could simply add any functionality you feel is lacking in your Google Workspace?

Zzapps likes to lead the way, which is why we continually invest in new developments. Workspace Add-ons have existed for some time. They are small applications that are visible within your Google Workspace, such as Gmail, Drive and the Calendar. We are very proud of the fact that Google engaged us in their introduction of alternate runtimes for Workspace Add-ons.

The new runtimes ensure that we can meet customers' needs quicker and better through these Workspace Add-ons.

The fact that Google is using our Add-on as a showcase for their global launch shows that we know our stuff when it comes to these additions and what they can offer users.

Zzapps creates small, practical applications that have major impact, such as:

  • Smart data collection tools
  • Information-sharing with other applications
  • Easy file management and organisation
  • And anything that may seem impossible!

Although we have been creating these types of apps for our customers for years, we are impressed with alternate runtimes and foresee many new possibilities. On this page you will find an overview of the Add-ons we offer to instantly improve the usability of the Google Workspace. 

On the same page, we will also present our first official Add-on: Zzapps SignIt.

Click here for a first impression.

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