Are you using Gmails POP3 connection to fetch external emails? You might not be able to do that in the future anymore!

Pull 2 Gmail is a Gmail Add-on that is able to pull data from an external (cloud) email server that relies on OAuth to authenticate. 

Since many services are deprecating Basic Authentication (username / password) the only way to connect is trough modern ways, like OAuth. This Add-on enables that option. Currently the app is in a closed testing stage. It was released in 2022 and helped a great amount of users.

The first service to work with this pull is Office 365.

How does it work

1. You add an account and enter your external email address, e.g. your email.

2. The add-on will ask for a few other settings:

  • What label you want to use for incoming emails
  • Do you want to skip inbox
  • Do you want emails te be marked as read

3. After clicking ‘ADD’, you will be directed to the login page of the provider (in this version, only Office365).

4. With a successfull auth, your add-on will be able to fetch emails and put them in your Gmail box. You can click ‘fetch now’ to fetch immediatedly

5. From the settings you are able to set a time-trigger to check every 5 minutes

All information is stored in YOUR Google-account, not on our side. This means, settings, label names and authentication tokens.

Features on launch:

  • Insert emails into specific labels
  • Option to mark email as read
  • Option to skip inbox (only put email in label)
  • Re-authorize at any time
  • Select start date for sync
  • Always show last sync moment
  • Sync at least every 5 minutes
  • Manual sync


  • More providers added by demand
  • Fine grained filtering / labelling
  • Custom SMTP proxy to also send email from the accounts (in case Basic Auth for SMTP is not possible)
  • Faster sync
  • Manual Sync Now button

Curious about our privacy policy for this app? Find it here.