Google Workspace

On any device or platform. You never have to worry about maintenance, management and safety again and you are always up to date. And you save a lot of money! Already working in the cloud? Okay, then maybe it's time for another smart choice: Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)!

G Suite (Google Workspace) is Google's alternative to Office 365, Microsoft's answer to Google Apps that - just to be clear - launched five years earlier! It's an online, all-in-one package with the same – and more – features. In addition, Google Workspace is a lot easier to work with, it is designed to work together and it is considerably cheaper!

A browser and a Google Workspace license. That's all you need to access Google Workspace's complete set of integrated tools.

Google Drive

Drive is Google's online file storage. Can be compared with, for example, Dropbox and OneDrive. As a 'smaller' user, a Business Starter subscription may suffice: good for 30 GB of storage per user. If you have stricter requirements, you can take a Business Standard (2 TB per user) or Business Plus (5 TB per user) subscription.

Gmail Business

With 99.9% availability, Gmail is the most reliable business email solution for your business. In Google Workspace Business Starter you have no less than 30 GB of storage. In Google Workspace Business Standard this is even up to 2 TB per user and in the Business Plus variant even up to 5 TB! So you will never have a full mailbox again. The amount of spam you still receive is negligible. And of course you keep your existing e-mail address (or we will create a professional

Google Docs

Even as an inveterate Word user, you can effortlessly switch to Google Docs. And you quickly discover the enormous advantage when you work on a document with others at the same time. You see each other's edits in real time, changes are automatically tracked and communicated via email and everyone always has the current version on the screen. That saves a lot of hassle and frustration.

Google Sheets

Google's alternative to Excel. With the same possibilities. More possibilities, because with Add-ons you make your sheets even more powerful. Again, you can work on the same spreadsheet with others at the same time. Very handy!

Google Slides

Without any additional software you can make the most slick and convincing presentations, right in your browser. Safari, Firefox, Chrome… doesn't matter. Also with several at the same time if you want.

Specially designed for business use

Hangouts Chat (chat), Calendar, Hangouts Meet (video conferencing), Forms (surveys, forms), Sites (creating websites), Keep (taking notes and sharing), mobile management… All integrated, everything working together flawlessly, all in Google Workspace. Smart choice!


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